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Design Philosophy  
{ Reach Humanity }


Design Philosophy
- My Senior Experience -

Many companies fall short with client relationships while they focus on growth and become obsessed with numbers, which is good, but too much is just that.

Quotes - relationships
Truth: Many answers are speculated, but I've seen first hand from some of the best and, not so best, that client relationships are paramount. It is better to slow down and make sure they aren't left behind!

-Spare no expense to stay connected. Why? ->

Nurturing Relationships
-As You Shape Your Future -

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My unique experience has provided me with the tools to realize your vision, keeping the human element throughout. I have expertise with over 20 years in digital and analog visual arts and a Theatre /TV background to bring to the table. With my professional experience in all forms of media, I am able to provide your company with a cohesive presence, including the new need for a mobile presence as well. Such a voice and relatable story is today's keystone to help nurture current and new relationships .

-I possess skills, tools, and experience specifically to help you nurture relationships.
How? ->

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Excellence Throughout
- With A Rare Set of Tools -

From professional acting and dancing, to DTP in Munich, Germany, I've been blessed with a rare set of expert skills in telling the story that relates to the humanity in one's target. From high level production to high precision on the ground, I've done it all, and continue with every new tool I can find.

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To see this in action: Please continue below to see an example "case study." This project displays cohesion and expertise in "telling the story". I helped Transition Networks launch a product with a very complex story that needed a much more simple way to explain the value and sell this product that is key to their industry. With the correct story, and the proper SEO-tracked press and online strategy, this patented tech is now 90% easier for worldwide sales folks to explain to their clients and add content to nurture relationships further.
Tablet, phone, desktop computers
My Work Process
Infographic 1 designed by Dan WeberInfographic 2 designed by Dan WeberInfographic 3 designed by Dan Weber
3 part portfolio

My Work  in 3 parts

Designing a story

Only with the support of multiple touch-points can the more complex stories reach and relate to the target and spark a relationship. Click the button above for my creative process in more detail.

Case study: A complex story made simple

A very complex feature that gives great value to this new product is explained in just enough detail and visual reference to empower sales and marketing to promote a new product and concept with confidence. This story has become a key tool in the right hands. This content is targeted toward an IT manager and is thus a bit more detailed and something one should use once a relationship is started or the need presents itself.
Note:Audio varies in quality.

Touch of all else

Please click the button or see below for a quick view of my recent work across many media.

Infographic 2 designed by Dan WeberInfographic 3 designed by Dan WeberInfographic 1 designed by Dan Weber

Eye Candy
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3D Application diagrams
Application Diagrams. 2D/3D
Retouched Pine Branch and Wire
Branding Lightbox
Branding and Industrial Design
Digital Video production
Full video production
UX/UI Layout DTP
DTP / UX / layout and design
This list is a collection of live websites and HiFi Wireframes.
I've produced all the graphics, layout and design for these sites and was part of the team who produced crystalstar.com
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